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Functional Units


The functions of the Speaker are as set out in the Municipal Structures Act 1998, (Act no. 117 of 1998). The functions are stipulated as follows;

  • Presides at meetings of the council;
  • Performs the duties and exercises the powers delegated to the Speaker in terms of section 59 of      the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act,2000 ( Act no.32 of 2000);
  • Must ensure that the council meet quarterly;
  • Must maintain order during meetings;
  • Must maintain compliance in the council and council committees with the Code of Conduct set out in      schedule 1 to the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act no.32      of 2000); and Must ensure that council meetings are conducted in accordance with the rules and orders of the      council.

In addition to the functions stipulated in the Act, The Speaker has been delegated additional functions by resolution of Council. She has been delegated the Special Programmes Portfolio which comprise of the following;

  • Gender
  • Old Aged
  • Youth
  • Disability
  • Moral Regeneration
  • Children

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